Google Maps has updates turning 15 years now

Google Maps is turning 15 this year and is getting a redesign on Android and iPhone. It got a new icon, a multi-colored map pin.

Users can expect this new icon to pop up on their phone sometime soon. There are some other changes. It will be a revamped tab bar at the bottom with five icons: Explore, Commute, Saved, Contribute and Updates. Explore shows restaurants, events and featured lists from other Google Maps users. Contribute makes it faster to add reviews or post photos of the places. The Saved tab lets someone easily access the  saved places, lists and maps. 


Google's last update concerns the company's augmented-reality "Live View" mode in Maps. For instance, the user will be able to see a pin with the destination. In March, users will get new upgrades for public transit and augmented reality. Google Maps will also add crowd-sourced transit information. Users will now get prompts about the temperature, accessibility features and the presence of security cameras or security guards. Google Maps will also integrate Google Assistant, along with a search menu, to be able to help users look for nearby locations along the way to their destination. After all, Google Maps is and will remain one of the most reliable navigation apps around, allowing users to be able to travel to their destinations using the best route possible while being able to discover new places.