Hundreds thousands Tesla vehicles will be investigated about an acceleration issue

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said Friday it will review a petition asking the agency to formally investigate 500,000 Tesla Inc vehicles over sudden unintended acceleration reports.

The targeted cars are 2012 through 2019 model year Tesla Model S, 2016 through 2019 Tesla Model X, and 2018 through 2019 Tesla Model 3. Many of the complaints report sudden acceleration incidents when attempting to park vehicles in a garage or at a curb. Many crashes are related to this issue. According to the petition, they have 127 complaints, including 110 that involved crashes and 52 that resulted in injuries. Tesla claimed that the car’s log showed that it was a user mistake due to pedal misapplication. Confusing pedals may be an explication.

A Tesla model S car

“As is the agency’s standard practice in such matters, NHTSA will carefully review the petition and relevant data,” a spokesperson for the agency said in a statement. Even if about this issue some experts are skeptical, this isn’t the first time that Tesla has faced accusations of malfunctioning vehicles. Most recently, NHTSA opened an investigation into complaints about vehicle fires connected to the battery management systems in some Model S and X vehicles.