Apple declared war to vaping related apps on its store

Apple has removed all vaping related apps from its iOS App Store (that means 181 apps) but if people have a vaping app installed on their device they will be able to continue using it.

At least 42 people have died and more than 2000 have been treated for illnesses related to vaping. “Experts ranging from the CDC to the American Heart Association have attributed a variety of lung injuries and fatalities to e-cigarette and vaping products, going so far as to call the spread of these devices a public health crisis and a youth epidemic,” said an Apple spokesperson in a statement. Apple has never allowed apps in the App Store that sold vaping products.


The apps in question are all either applications that a re used to stay up-to-date on vaping news, or those that are used to control things like temperature or lighting on a device. Apps designed to control cannabis-related vape products, such as the Pax Labs’ Pax 3 app, have also been banned from the iOS App Store. Another important fact about Apple: the company on Thursday launched an app that will let users of its devices to enroll in three health studies, allowing them to share health-related data for medical research.