Google Maps redirect to be removed for Windows Phone


Furthermore, according to the Federal Trade Commission’s recent ruling on the company can now freely block companies from its pages.

immediately responded to the brought accusations and explained that it didn’t block Maps from the Windows Phone default internet browser to harm Windows Phone users. The reason behind the redirect was to ensure Windows Phone smart-phone users don’t get a crappy experience with Maps.

According to the Search Engine Giant the Internet Explorer mobile browser did not offer a good maps experience. Among the reasons behind the “ban” where brought many arguments. Windows Phone users were reportedly unable to perform basic map functionality and to zoom and pan around the map. To top things off Google says that its Maps product was designed for WebKit and that since Internet Explorer mobile now uses a completely different rendering engine it couldn’t browse the maps.

Google periodically tests the compatibility of Google Maps with all available Mobile internet browsers. In a recent test Google has seen improvements in how Internet Explorer mobile handles Google Maps and this is why they announced to bring back Google Maps for the Windows Phone.


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