iPhone 5S will reportedly feature a new touch-on display


iPhone 5S will reportedly launch in May or June this year. Although Apple has not yet confirmed the launch of another iPhone, the current rumors about the iPhone 5S release date could be true as some big news sites already saw logs of a prototype of the phone that was identified by its user-agent. iPhone 5S won’t offer very much when compared with its predecessor iPhone 5 but market analysts say the phone will come in two different display sizes and in different colors.

One notable change will be the in the display/touch sensor. The current in-cell touch technology that allowed a thinner design by incorporating both the display and the touch sensor in one was reportedly causing some supply shortages and interference issues for the touch-screen. Apple is looking to switch to a new technology that will allow it to keep the current display thickness while offering quality, durability and stability. Some rumors point to Display panel maker Chimei Innolux saying that Apple might make a deal with them for the next iPhone smart-phone. Apple has not yet released any official statement in regards to these rumors.


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