Microsoft just launched two open source new projects


„Dapr” (short for distributed application runtime), portable, provides a runtime for microservices to be deployed in the cloud or on the edge. It can be used with multiple languages and frameworks and consists of building blocks accessed by standard gRPC or HTTP APIs. Applications are able to be run locally, in a Kubernetes cluster, or in other hosting environments. Included with Dapr are language-specific SDKs for Go, Java, .Net, Python, and JavaScript.

Credit Microsoft

The „Open Application Model”, or OAM, developed by Microsoft and Alibaba Cloud, offers a specification for running applications on Kubernetes and other platforms. Emphasizing the separation of development and operations concerns, OAM provides a way to describe the components of an application separately from how the application is deployed and managed. It lets platform architects build reusable components while developers can focus on integrating those components. OAM was codenamed Hydra. Unlike more traditional platform-as-a-service (PaaS) models, OAM is platform-agnostic. It will simplify the development and deployment of apps managed by Kubernetes. “Open-source standards don’t have much value without the endorsement of key players, and so it’s good to see that Alibaba has signed on already,” Constellation Research Inc. analyst Holger Mueller said.


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