Urgent recall for some Samsung washing machines in Australia

An urgent recall was issued nationwide in Australia for more than 6600 "dangerous" Samsung top-loading washing machines which have a fire risk. 

Affected models are : SW75V9WIP, SW65V9WIP, SW70SPWIP, SW80SPWIP, WA85GWGIP and WA85GWWIP, manufactured between 2010 and 2013. There is a sticker on the back of the washing machine containing the model name. One of the recalled models caught fire at a home in the Perth suburb of Armadale last week. This is regarded as a major fault, repair is not an option. The consumers will get their money back. Consumers are also entitled to recover damages from the manufacturer for consequential loss or damage suffered as a result of a faulty product.


A call line was set at number 1800 239 655 for more info on this subject. The immediate recommendation is to disconnect and to not more use those washing machines. A top priority is also to remove them from home. No-one was injured. Previosly there were other Samsung recalls for washing machines. In November 2016, 34 models of top-load washing machines were subject to recall in the US.