Apple already has a bad start in 2013 with a newly found iOS bug


The reason why iPad users are not that affected is because the bug is found in how iOS handles the deactivation of the Do Not Disturb setting, a feature that is not that used on iPads.

It certain situations, based on the activation of the Do Not Disturb setting near the New Year, the iPhone would remain stuck in the Do Not Disturb mode way past its scheduled time. This has a high impact as with the New Year most iPhone users would have set their mobile phones to this mode so that they get a good night sleep after a wild party. Since the setting silences notifications, alerts and even calls it is possible that by having it active more than needed you missed out some important calls or messages.

The fix is simple and a simple reboot of the phone would make everything OK again. Some users reported that the bug is seen when the start of the DND is 12:00 AM at the end of the year. iOS had some similar bugs in the past in its date/time system: non-recurring alarms, Daylight saving alarm issues and others. Let us hope that at least this bug will make iOS testers develop more test scenarios in the future.


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