Toshiba reportedly designs a specialized image sensor for mobile devices


Smart-phones with Lytro-like camera sensor won’t be bulky or too heavy because Toshiba managed to use new technology combined with the existing one to pack its new imaging sensor in a cube-shaped image sensor that measures close to a normal imaging sensor. With one centimeter on each side the sensor can be easily fitted on different types of smart-phone designs.

The new imaging sensor has an array of more than half of million micro lenses. Toshiba’s new image sensor is better than the Lytro camera in terms of size. Lytro’s rectangular device which measures more than 10cm in length is very big when compared to Samsung’s new technology and this is why market analysts say that Lytro has a lot to worry about now that Toshiba entered this niche.

The Lytro-Style Camera sensor is planned to be launched in 2013. Toshiba is now looking for companies that will integrate Toshiba’s new camera sensor on tablets, smart mobile phones as well as on other smart devices.


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