Recent report claims electronic cigarettes may not combat addiction


To top things off there is no proof that E-Cigarettes combat smoking addiction at all. The Italian Health Ministry conducted a study in which it evaluated the effects of smoking. According to the Health Ministry report electronic cigarettes should not be used by young people as potential health risks still exist in case of inhaling smaller quantities of nicotine. E-Cigarettes have grown a lot in terms of popularity both in U.S. and in Italy and lately these devices are seen as “fashion gadgets”.

People like electronic cigarettes because these don’t cause second hand smoke or smell. But according to the study the use of such gadgets could start an addiction among non-smokers. If someone who never smoked before begins smoking electronic cigarettes they could easily end up smoking real cigarettes. The director of Italy Observatory on Drug Use, Smoking and Alcohol Use, Roberta Pacifici, also worked on the report. The woman explained that although e-cigarettes are less toxic than real cigarettes these gadgets are not totally healthy. Pacifici’s official statement regarding electronic cigarette usage was: “We have to have a prudent approach towards this product as we know little about its worth in stopping people smoking or how toxic it is”


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