KickStarter funded charging station allegedly nixed by Apple


The project reached its funding goal back in September 1st. Ever since many people funded the idea in order to get their own Pop ahead of time. Now the creator of Pop broke the bad news. According to Siminoff Apple nixed the dual charging device because of the lighting connections. It seems that because of a previously unknown licensing rule the Apple Lightning charging cable cannot be used in a commercial device along with other types of connectors.

Because of this the author told all funders that he will not continue with the project. He refuses to deliver something different than what he originally promised. Since the KickStarter project gathered close to $140k this will be one of the biggest KickStarter refunds to date.

We cannot say whether Siminoff’s motive of calling the project off is true or not. Apple was reached for comment but did not yet release an official response. On the other side there are rumors that the new lighting connector cannot be used by third-party devices because of a built-in security chip. One thing is sure: the KickStarter supporters that funded this project want their money back and so far the refund is proving to be somehow difficult and not so straight-forward.



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