New console codenamed ‘Project Scarlett’ from Microsoft expected next year


It will have more memory, higher resolution and better graphics. The company said the console will be able to offer frame rates up to 120 frames per second,  8K visuals and hardware-accelerated ray tracing for more realistic graphics.The price was set to $179.99 and pre-orders are available online. According to Xbox staff in a teaser video it is faster loading screens for gamers. Xbox head Phil Spencer said the new console would be “four times” as powerful as the 2017 Xbox One X.


Microsoft revealed that the new console will launch alongside the game “Halo Infinite. It will be the first time a Halo game launches with new hardware in almost 20 years.”The company also announced a new Xbox controller that comes with Bluetooth and a rechargeable battery that has “up to 40 hours” of life. Scarlett will also include a solid-state drive instead of a hard disk. This is supposed to offer 40 times better performance than the current generation. The console was designed to facilitate multiplayer games with other gaming platforms and was capable of streaming games from the cloud. Scarlett will continue to support Xbox games from previous generations, meaning it will play “thousands of games across four generations.”


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