A faulty part was discovered in some planes manufactured by Boeing


It’s about hundreds of its 737 planes, including 159 of the troubled 737 Max jet. Slats are moveable panels, built into a plane’s wings, that provide extra lift during takeoff and landing. Slat tracks are used to guide them. Some of them have been improperly manufactured by a Boeing supplier. However, the problem is not considered something that could lead to a crash but it could damage a plane in flight. The faulty parts could fail prematurely or crack. The company and the FAA said it has not been notified of any incidents related to the tracks on operating flights, and the fix should take a couple days to complete.  Boeing warned all airlines that operate 737 planes to check their slats as a precaution.

Grounded 737 – MAX planes

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will also issue a directive to make Boeing’s recommendations to check the jets mandatory. At this time ten airlines are demanding compensation or amending orders from Boeing after the two crashes which halted use of the 737 Max. Azerbaijan airline AZAL has canceled a $1 billion contract with Boeing to purchase 10 of 737 MAX jets, a spokesman said on Monday.


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