New requirements for cigarettes package appearance in Canada will apply in November


Health Canada has released updated regulations for tobacco packaging yet again. The warning labels will stay the same, however, the rest of the package will be required to meet the agency’s new plain packaging regulations, part of Canada’s Tobacco Strategy. “Canada is demonstrating global leadership by adopting the best tobacco plain packaging requirements in the world,” said Rob Cunningham, a senior policy analyst at the Canadian Cancer Society. Starting in November, tobacco companies won’t be able to use creative designs or any other distinctive features on cigarette packaging. Canadian cigarette packs will have to be plain, drab brown with standardized layouts and lettering.


Health Canada picked the same dark brown for the packages as Australia did for its tobacco products a few years ago, one identified by market researchers as the ugliest colour in the world. The government says the new plain packages will increase the impact of graphic health warnings about the dangers of smoking. The regulations released Wednesday also standardize the size and appearance of cigarettes eliminating extra-long or “slim” cigarettes. The Canadian Cancer Society said that these new regulations “are the most effective tobacco plain packaging requirements in the world.”


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