Rock ‘n Play Sleeper recall by Fisher-Price


The recall will impact about 4.7 million sleepers. The call for a recall echos previous concerns raised by parents and pediatricians who urged manufacturers and the Consumer Product Safety Commission to do more to protect babies when it comes to inclined sleepers. Since the product was introduced in 2009 over 30 infant fatalities have been reported. The CPSC recommends consumers should stop using the product immediately and contact Fisher-Price for a refund or a voucher. Pediatricians say changing the design of infant sleepers would make babies safer, but manufacturers and the CPSC say the current designs can be safe if used as directed and only for babies who can’t yet roll.


Pediatricians and safety and consumer advocacy groups are among those who say babies would be protected by stronger regulations around infant sleep products. In this case, Chuck Scothon, general manager at Fisher-Price, said the company considered the recall the “best course of action” and will continue to stand by the safety of all its products.


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