iPad mini takes the top of the mini tablet market in one month


The mobile advertising company Millenial Media recently finished a study in which it compared Amazon’s newest mini tablet Kindle Fire versus Apple’s iPad mini. The findings of the study denoted that iPad mini managed to become market leader in just one month because the usage of the tablet grew 50% times faster last month than Kindle Fire did immediately after its launch. The analysis shows how ad impressions for Kindle Fire grew 19% on average daily starting with the first two weeks after the tablet launch. But as we already mentioned before Apple outgrew these numbers and managed to have a 28 percent daily growth in impressions.

The bases of the study were ad impressions of Millenial’s network. Millenial Media was so impressed with iPad mini’s growth that it publicly referred to the iPad mini tablet as a “game changer”. While many people bought the Apple tablet around holidays it is expected that many of the made sales were done for future holiday gifts so if you receive an iPad mini as a holiday season gift than feel free to know you’ve most likely contributed to this study.


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