Stadia will be a new video game streaming service from Google


It’s Google’s vision for the future of gaming. The technology, subscription-based, would allow users to play high-end games on their internet browser without having to wait for any content to be downloaded to their device. Unlike services already on the market, Google’s game-streaming service will work on any screen including desktops, laptops, TVs, phones and tablets. It’s possible for Stadia to reach 4K/60 and even 8K gaming. Google says it will enable cross-play and cross-game progression on Stadia so that users will be able to go from a traditional console to the streaming service and back. “We are serious about making technology accessible to everyone,” Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai said.

Stadia demo at the Game Developers Conference

During the keynote, the company did a live test of Stadia on a Chromebook, Pixel, desktop and  Chromecast. The service provides instant access in as little as 5 seconds, with no updates, downloads, or installation process. Hardware and software partners include AMD, Unity, CryEngine, and Havok. Google also apparently worked together with AMD for custom GPU hardware. Pricing, compatible games, and Stadia’s full list of supported platforms were not yet revealed.


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