Airbus will stop production of the A380 passenger airliner


It is currently the world’s largest airliner, 600-plus-seat. It was on operation for a decade. The firm said it would stop deliveries in 2021. The motivation is the lack of orders. Sales of the big jet never really reached the levels Airbus had hoped. “We’ve invested a lot of effort, a lot of resources, a lot of sweat … but we need to be realistic, CEO Tom Enders said. “Although the A380 was designed with similar runway requirements and takeoff/landing speeds as other large aircraft, the A380’s wingspan and general mass aren’t compatible with many airport taxiways and gates. Airbus currently has no plans for any kind of follow-up aircraft on a similar scale to the A380. Passengers have always been big fans of the A 380 and have given the plane high marks for comfort, space and for the quiet ride. But it is not enough.


The decision could affect up to 3,500 jobs and already cost plane maker million euros. Emirates has long been the largest operator of the A380. But it had struck a deal valued at $21.4 billion with Airbus. Industry experts initially expected A380s to long outlast the Boeing 747, which is celebrating its 50th birthday this year.


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