Tesla company was sued by the family of a teenager killed in a crash


The victim’s family alleged in a lawsuit against the company that a Tesla service technician removed a speed limiter, without the owner’s permission. They also accused Tesla of not doing enough to prevent battery fires in its vehicles. The teenager was the driver of a 2014 Tesla Model S. At 116mph, the driver, 18-year-old Barrett Riley, attempted to pass another car and lost control of the vehicle. The Tesla then slammed into a brick wall twice and hit a light pole before bursting into flames. The fire became an inferno within seconds of when they crashed.

A Tesla S Sedan car

The 2014 Tesla Model S involved in the crash has a five-star safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, but batteries have posed challenges for firefighters and other first responders. “The Tesla S sedan had inadequate measures to prevent a post-collision fire and had inadequate measures to contain a fire,” said Chicago attorney Philip Corboy Jr., one of the attorneys representing the parents. Batteries like those used by Tesla and other electric cars can catch fire and burn rapidly in a crash. The lawsuit accuses Tesla of negligence and seeks damages of more than $15,000.


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