Microsoft’s newest Internet Explorer ad aimed at haters


Every time he posts something bad about Internet Explorer he gets an instant response measuring up to his own opinion. After a couple of these the anonymous Internet hater ends the video ad by saying “IE sucks…less.”. Microsoft’s tagline is: “Progress. Comebacks come in many shapes and sizes”

Microsoft wants to increase the popularity of its web browser especially now when Internet explorer has only slightly more than 50 percent of the web-browser worldwide market share. Past Internet Explorer products have unfortunately stained Microsoft’s image in the web-browser market but now the big company wants to clean its image and convince people to switch back to Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer began adhering to web standards and its recent releases were quite solid and almost bug-free. Although it’s going to be very tough to overcome what Google has done for Chrome, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer will surely win back many of its old users.


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