The October update for Windows 10 is ready to be downloaded and installed


You can get it right now, if you manually check for updates through Windows Update. Latest Microsoft update comes with new emoji, smart keyboards, cloud-powered clipboards and more. Because Microsoft only supports older versions of Windows for two years or less from release, the only way to keep using a supported version of Windows is to keep updating. So, what is new ? The new Your Phone app will provide access to photos and texts from an Android phone directly on your PC so you can send SMS and download photos. iPhone users will be also able to send web pages they’re currently viewing on their smartphone to their PC.


At that time Microsoft is bringing the firm’s smart keyboard predictive text systems – known as keyboard app SwiftKey- to Windows 10. Using AI and machine learning, the keyboard’s autocorrect and next-word prediction should be dramatically improved in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese or Russian. With Cloud Clipboard users can copy text from one PC to another. The October 2018 update comes with support for Unicode 11 and 157 new emoji, including superheroes, redheads, a pirate flag and a llama. The search function in Windows was improved and Microsoft’s Edge browser was improved again. Now sites can’t automatically playing video. The new Windows 10 October 2018 update is believed to be up to 31% faster to update, 40% smaller to download, and now being smarter about when to actually install the updates.


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