We can now test Apple’s public beta version of iOS 12


iOS 12 will arrive with the next crop of iPhones in a few months and focuses more on bug fixes and smaller tweaks than major new updates. For iPhone X users  Animoji is a must see. With iOS 12, you can make Memoji that look like you, turn yourself into a ghost or dinosaur or even stick out your tongue. You can put your Memoji on top of your body and use it during a FaceTime conversation. The animated emoji track your facial movements and can be sent to friends through the Messages app.     With the beta, user will be able to talk to up to 32 people in FaceTime at the same time.


Another new feature, The Screen Time app, tells you how much you’re using device, what you’re actually doing on it and even how often you pick up your iPhone. Do Not Disturb has new options from Control Center where it can be set to automatically end based on a specified time or location. There are some new features you won’t be able to access in the public beta, largely because third-party apps won’t be available yet. Siri Shortcuts is one of them. The feature lets you create personalized requests for Apple’s voice assistant, such as setting up a request that brings together a surf report, current weather, travel time to the beach and a sunscreen reminder. The iOS 12 beta also has a built-in Feedback Assistant app to give Apple information about your experience with the device.


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