LTE version of the iPad Mini to go on sale in stores tomorrow


The new iPad Mini i.e. LTE iPad Mini will be offered in two different colors viz. White and Black.  Due to the presence of LTE technology, the LTE version will be significantly costlier than the Wi-Fi version. Storage wise there will be there different version viz. 16GB priced at $459.99, 32GB priced at $559.99, and the 64GB version priced at $659.99.

In spite of the fact that, Apple started to take orders for the LTE version of the iPad Mini on November 2, the company told the buyers that it would take 2 weeks for the device to be shipped and the same time to hit the stores.

Contrary to this good news for the iPad lovers, there’s a bad news as well. In a Godfella style heist allegedly 1.4 million iPad Mini has been stolen from the New York Airport. These iPad Mini’s likely reached the New York airport from its manufacturing plant in China. The news has created a huge buzz in the media but the truthfulness of the story is yet to be verified.


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