Google One will offer many and cheaper data storage options


One is more than simply a better storage plan offering. Instead, it’s the beginning of a new, more ambitious offering that could be expanded to include other services over time. One is ’s new face of consumer storage option. The primary difference now is that the system allows for one-tap access to live customer service representatives. Google One plans will begin at $1.99 per month for 100GB, $2.99 for 200GB or $9.99 per month for 2TB. The 200GB plan appears to be a new option, while that 2TB tier comes in at the same price as the old 1TB Drive plan, which it’s replacing. Current customers with the 1TB plan will be upgraded to 2TB automatically.


Google One will also add family storage to share data. Up to five members can be added to a family plan, and each will have their own private storage, though you’ll be drawing from the same total storage allotment. So with lots of options, ranging from 100GB to 30TB, every user can choose the plan that’s righ.t But no one is forced to buy storage. People still get free 15GB of storage by using Google services.


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