Google prepares a new web Gmail version


What is known right now is users will be able to take advantage of Smart Reply on the web, not just mobile, and snooze emails, choosing when they show back up in your inbox. Google is also introducing native offline support for Gmail, as the company is moving Chrome apps to the web. Once this feature is live, Google will retire the Gmail Offline Chrome app, though a timeline has not been set. G Suite customers are the first to know about it.


One of the biggest additions is the ability to access Google Calendar directly from the Gmail interface. Another feature includes the ability to “snooze” emails so that you’ll see them in your inbox later – with the ability to set custom times ranging from hours to days. The last major part of the redesign is a new way to store your emails on your computer for offline access. Downloading emails to user’s PC adds another feature to the new Gmail. We don’t have a picture of the redesign at this point in time but we know the color in the background had a blue-ish gradient. G Suite customers and regular Gmail users will have to opt in to a new Early Adopter Program in order to access the new Gmail Design, which will be available in the next few weeks.


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