Google’s shortener URL service will no longer work from March 2019


These new smart URLs let you send folks to any location within iOS, Android or web apps.You won’t be able to create new short links after the 13th, but existing users can manage them via the console for the next year. After, all the links will still work, but you won’t be able to access the console itself after March 30th, 2019. The service launched back in 2009, but the way users share content has changed substantially in the years since, says. Mobile devices are the primary way most people get content, and the need for a URL shortener has gone down as a result. What people can do, according itself, is using other shortening services like Bitly and


Internet marketers know already they can have their own URL shortener service. It can be supposed new such services will be build in the future soon. has not explained its decision. On the other part, Dynamic Links are free forever, for any scale. And because the links survive the app install process, even new users can pick up where they left off on your mobile site without missing a beat. Promotional campaigns that include Dynamic Links work for all users on every platform.


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