Hardware based ad blocker solution gathers supporters with KickStarter


Pages take longer to load and some ads are just intrusive. With the catchy tagline “The internet is yours again” Chad Russell plans to bring AdTrap in all our homes.

Russell’s experienced team from Palo Alto, California already built and tested some generations of AdTrap prototypes. Chad Russell promises that once you use AdTrap yourself you will never want to stop using it. Such a device is definitely bad news for advertisement publishers. RoundNews.com would also suffer if all our viewers were to use ad blockers as some of our income comes from advertisements. But aside from this AdTrap will definitely change things for the average folks that are browsing the internet: no more ads and no more tracking.

AdTrap does not require any kind of configuration or software installation and works as by magic right after it has been connected between your modem and your router. AdTrap automatically updates itself with the latest schemes used by advertisers. Having a hardware device that block ads has multiple advantages over a software solution. The most important one is that you will automatically have ads removed no matter what browser you use or what device you use. Having your iPhone connected via WiFi ensures that you won’t ever be bothered by ads. It doesn’t matter if you browse web pages or if you are streaming video content. AdTrap automatically removes all ad types.

With 27 days still to go on KickStarter AdTrap already got close to a third of its $150.000 goal. If you want to read more details regarding AdTrap or if you want to be one of the early birds that get AdTrap for $99 or more then visit their KickStarter page at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/600284081/adtrap-the-internet-is-yours-again


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