Life-like pet plushies made in Philippines for grieving owners


A Filipino toy maker, David Tan, owner of Pampanga Teddy Bear Factory in Angeles City, Pampanga province, imagined a way to help grieving people with deceased loved pets. With his 20 employees, he has now a business to use photos sent by customers to create life-like replicas of their deceased pets using synthetic fur that is airbrushed to recreate colours and markings of the animals. The are very realistic.


This is an appreciated service and is flooded with orders. Each plushie costs about 3,500 pesos (US$ 65). Plush replicas can keep memories alive. Sometimes hundreds are made per month, the company says. „Magic happens every day” is their slogan on the Facebook page. The story started in 2018, when first teddy bears were made. Today, not only life-like pets but also unique promotional item for any business can be produced.