iPhone 4S loses title of world’s best selling phone in Q3 to Galaxy S3


Now another market research company named Strategy Analytics comes with other good news for Samsung. According to the consulting and market research company Apple’s hot selling Smartphone iPhone 4S is no longer the best selling Smartphone for this third quarter of the year. iPhone 4S’ position was overtaken by Samsung’s new Smartphone: Galaxy S3.


There are numerous factors that lead to Samsung’s achievement. Samsung managed to distribute the phone to operators world-wide. In turn operators offered attractive deals to people that rushed to buy the Galaxy S3 smart phone. From the second quarter of this year it was really difficult to predict that Galaxy S3 will become the world’s best selling Smartphone as Apple’s iPhone 5 was selling way better than Galaxy S3.

The executive director of the same market research company says that Samsung’s happiness will most likely be short lived as iPhone 5 already has a solid start. The new iPhone 5 has an estimated number of shipped units of 6 million world-wide. And as Apple’s popularity grows iPhone 5 will most likely reclaim the title that Samsung’s Galaxy S3 took during the next quarter.



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