Google is testing its new “Bulletin” app


Both Oakland and Nashville have burgeoning tech industries and are Google Fiber cities. Those interested in using the app can apply for access from Google on the Bulletin site. As it was presented, this new Google app is intended to help common people to make noticed various events: protests, civic meetings, celebrations, weather events, sportive events and all which can be of interest.


In other words, Google Bulletin is letting anyone to be a reporter. The news-stories are publised instantly to the web via the new app. Google will work with local news organizations to help them find and potentially publish some of those stories, giving credit to their authors. The author controls the content and can take it down anytime they want. “Bulletin is an experimental app that gives people an easy way to tell stories about what is going on around them — ranging from local bookstore readings to high school sporting events to information about local street closures.  We are excited to see how people use the app during this pilot phase,” a Google spokeperson, Maggie Shiels, declared for media. “Bulletin” is expected to potentially provide some benefit to local communities.


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