The fourth generation iPad and iPad mini sales figures break Apple’s expectations


This new record comes with its downsides. Apple apparently sold out of iPad minis and now has to work hard to quickly rebuild stock.


Who would have thought that the iPad mini would sell so well? The internet was full of both bad and good reviews right after the tablet launch. Some people even accused Apple of over-pricing. But the American multinational corporation has apparently found the secret to success: very good quality for the price paid.

As expected, Apple share price is up with 1.7% after the record sales. Apple investors were really impressed to see that the corporation managed to surpass its sales figures expectations by 1 to 1.5 million. Analysts are saying that Apple’s fortune could be a big misfortune for other big companies that sell small-sized tablets. Microsoft is most likely facing its worst case scenario with the “Surface” tablet as Apple managed to get a big slice of the small tablet market.



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