Gmail is adding the package tracking and delivery information feature


As the holiday season is approaching, a new Gmail feature was announced by Google: within the next few weeks, Gmail will begin to show package tracking and delivery information right in user’s inbox, for people in the U.S. This information will be displayed in the list view of the inbox and in a summary card at the top of each email. This only apply to emails that include tracking numbers and will support most of the big shipping companies in the U.S. Package tracking will provide important details at a glance. “Label made,” “Arriving tomorrow,” or “Delivered today” will be the indications given. The new feature won’t be automatic.


Users will can opt-in or just ignore the new feature in Gmail settings.Soon in the coming months Google will proactively show a delay label (if existing) and will float the email to the top of the inbox to bring attention to it. The new feature will save a lot of time people spend searching their email for a tracking number, copying it to their clipboard, then going to the delivery service’s website and pasting it into the tracking system. Gmail has been around since 2004 and it’s available in more than 105 languages. Around 60% of the e-mail users have at least one Gmail account. As of January 2020, there were more than 1.8 billion Gmail users online, and many of those use the service every day.