The Meta Quest Pro VR heasdet from MET is ready to be pre-ordered


META CEO Mark Zuckerberg presented on Tuesday his company’s newest virtual reality headset, dubbed the , during Meta’s Connect conference. It will cost $1,500 (five times the price of a Quest 2) and will start shipping on Oct. 25.The new device, with a per-eye resolution of 1,800 x 1,920, contains new technologies like an advanced mobile Snapdragon computer chip to produce more advanced graphics, embedded sensors and new lenses. The headset can blend elements of the virtual world with the physical world.


“You will be able to play 2D games with your Xbox controller projected on a massive screen on Quest,” said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella who also appeared during the online event. Using a VR headset could even become the ideal way to play console games. However, the details on the Meta Quest app version of Xbox Cloud Gaming are pretty slim; only one paragraph in a Meta blog post that followed the Meta Connect keynote presentation. It’s known that Microsoft discussed a partnership with Meta intended to bring some of his company’s work-collaboration apps to Quest VR devices. As another important info about the new product (and this is not good), the has just one to two hours of battery life.