Snapchat launched the Lens Studio AR developer tool for desktops


That’s because Snapchat won’t display these Community Lenses in its camera unless businesses pay a partnered creative agency to build them a special effect and then buy Sponsored Lens ads from Snap. For now the platform only lets you make World Lenses and not selfie masks. “There’s something magical about coming back every day and finding that there’s a new experience”,camera platform leader Eitan Pilipski told to media.

Using the Lens Studio AR developer tool

Starting now, anyone can download the Lens Studio desktop app for Mac or Windows in English and visit its website for examples and documentation. It’s designed for simplicity. Developers retain ownership of Lenses they create though grant Snapchat the right to use them. They can build static or animated objects, 2D cutouts, windows into other worlds, floating picture frames, and even 3D objects that react when you tap, look at, or approach them. Developers can now also be able to discover Community Lenses elsewhere.  Rules say Lenses can’t depict violence, weapons, nudity, sex acts, profanity, hatred, stereotypes, illegal activity, hashtags, usernames, threats, bullying, or encourage Snapping while driving. So, it will be a report button for users who need to flag Lenses.


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