Gmail’s email composer gets a redesign


The secret to being a popular email service provider stands in how you treat your users and in the improvements made over the years.

Gmail is known for many of its email features as well as for their generous inbox size. Nowadays it is very hard for a company to bring in a game-changer update that will revolutionize email but companies like Google are not discouraged by this. The latest Google update might seem small but Google managed to fix the most frustrating things about Gmail. We have all run into this problem no matter what web email service provider we used. Until now if you received a new email notification during the time you were writing a new email you would have had to save your current work as a draft first before checking for new email. The email writing could have been resumed afterwards by loading the draft and continuing your work from there.

The compose message screen was now replaced by a box styled like a large chat box. This screen is also displayed when you reply to an existing email. Now it is easier to reference other emails and keep an eye on new email while writing another. Google also added the ability to display profile pictures in the auto-suggest list for contacts and the ability to insert inline images in emails.

The new features are expected to roll out to everybody soon but for now these are only being shown to a select number of accounts as a preview.


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