Nintendo’s next mobile game, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp


You’ll need to spruce up the abandoned place by crafting furniture and decorations, hunting down resources, making friends, and exploring the surrounding areas. you can hop in the camper and take a ride elsewhere on the island setting, visiting places like the beach and forest to catch bugs, fish in the deep blue waters, hunt down natural resources, find fresh pals, and see what other kinds of surprises you might stumble upon.


Like the previous entries, you can customize your cute little avatar, plus the game takes place on a proper 24-hour cycle, meaning it’ll be the same time of day in the game as it is in your own world—and that can change the types of animals and human characters you encounter in the world. The in-game 3D graphics are impressive. If you can wait, the game will be available worldwide in late November. Prepare to be impressed ! But Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is however available now to play on iOS for those who live in Australia and, with a simple trick found on a webpage, anyone else around the world. (Nothing illegal but read all the observations on the page).


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