Intel launched a powerful processors series for gamers


The new series of processors are designed for gamers, as well as content creators and also “overclockers,” who rebuild or upgrade older hardware to make it run faster than it was originally designed to. “We are laser-focused on giving the enthusiast community the ultimate desktop experience, from chart-topping performance to a platform that can flex with their needs,” said Anand Srivatsa, general manager of the Desktop Platform Group at Intel. The company has added new features including per-core overclocking, max memory ratio up to 8,400 million transfers per second (MT/s), real-time memory latency control, extended PLL trim controls, enhanced package power delivery and updated “Extreme Tuning Utility” and “Extreme Memory Profile”.


The Core i5 series also comes with Intel’s new Turbo Boosting 2.0 technology, which accelerates processor and graphics performance for peak loads, automatically allowing processor cores to run faster than the rated operating frequency if they’re operating below power, current and temperature specification limits. The new Core i7 chips use HyperThreading technology, which helps to ensure that processor resources are used more efficiently. The new chipsets are supported with Intel “Z370” chipset-based motherboards. More than 50 new motherboards and system designs will be made available by Intel’s partners. The new chips will officially launch on Oct. 5, with prices ranging from $117 for its low-end Core i3 processors to $359 for its higher-performing Core i7 chips.


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