Android 8.0 (Oreo) was officially launched


There were announced new features include icon shapes, dots for notifications, more security options, an autofill fill service, smart text selection, and a picture-in-picture mode. Users can now organize notifications into custom channels, and modify the alerts for the entire channel. There are also badges on the applications. Developers can set background colors for notifications, to indicate the nature of them  and can create a notification timeout, which is particularly useful for time sensitive alerts.


The new autofill function can be used even to input credit card information to make a payment. Users can continue operating the device without interruptions even while watching a video. One of the earliest applications to use this new feature, is WhatsApp, which had included a picture in picture mode for video calls in the beta version, meant to be rolled out with the launch of Android Oreo. There is now a new support for adaptive icons, allowing to choose between different icon shapes. The supported shapes are Circle, Squircle, Rounded Square and Square. Adaptive icons can be created using Android Studio. Android O also allows for multiple displays, with users being able to move activity from one screen to another. Each application is now allocated a cache budget. Developers can use a special request to indicate that they need cache space for especially large files. There are also now background execution limits, to make sure that the applications running in the background are not hogging up an inordinate amount of system resources. Streaming has been improved with the support for MPEG2_TS. Support for Wi-Fi Aware was introduced, which is an energy-efficient way by which supported hardware can discover and chat with each other without a Wi-Fi hotspot or an internet connection. The phone learns the behavior of the user over time. The first phone to get Android 8.0 is the Google Pixel and the Google Pixel XL, on the day of the launch itself.


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