Rare copy of Super Mario Bros sold on eBay for $30,000


 The previous owner, Pennsylvania-based classic video game trader DKOldies, kept the 1985 game in mint condition until the sale. What differentiates this game copy from other unwrapped $10 versions is a hang tag found on the back. This indicates the old age of the game as in the past stores used to hang video games on pegs. Experts say that another reason why this game sold for such a high amount is because it dates back to a time before Mario games were bundled with any gaming system.


Super Mario Bros., widely considered one of the best video games ever made, demo game play on the Sega Genesis

DKOldies CEO Drew Steimel explained: “You bought it with the system, it came in the box. This particular copy was from before that happened, before Nintendo decided to bundle them. They only did it for a short time”. According to some analysts this is the most anyone has paid at an online auction on eBay for a single game copy of that time. As other sealed game sales go, a copy of Kid Icarus was also sold for $11,000 during the same auction that took place on Wednesday.


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