Wii price drops before Wii U is released



Nintendo announced the price drop this Monday. Initially priced at $150 in the U.S., Wii now costs $130. The new game machine/tablet Wii U will be released starting with November, 18 and will cost $300.

Wii U will cost $50 more than Wii did 6 years ago when it launched. As a comparison Wii’s initial targets were kids and fitness-minded moms. Now Nintendo plans to attract buyers with games and their new controller with touch-screen enabled screen and included camera.

Wii U will face many competitors. There’s a lot of tension on Nintendo because it is believed that the Wii U release could determine its fate. Furthermore, if a gaming oriented machine like Wii U doesn’t make it then it is clear that traditional game consoles as we know them will no longer have a future in an era of mobile multifunction devices.



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