A sealed copy of Super Mario Bros was auctioned for $660,000


A sealed copy of Super Mario Bros for NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) has been sold for a whopping $660,000 at Dallas based Heritage Auctions on April 2. The base bid for the copy was $310,000 and at Heritage Auctions it determined an aggressive bidding. It’s the most expensive video game ever sold. The seller of the record-breaking game copy said that he “never thought anything about it” as it remained at the bottom of his office desk since the day he bought it. He will now receive $550,000 for it whereas $110,000 will go to Heritage Auctions as “Buyers’ Premium”. The game was purchased as a Christmas gift and remained untouched for 35 years as it was kept in the bottom desk of a drawer. This is only the fourth version of Super Mario Bros. ever produced, and its window of production was remarkably short. “Not only is this the finest plastic-sealed copy with a perforated cardboard hangtab we’ve ever offered of any black box title, it is also the oldest sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. we’ve ever had the opportunity to offer,” the auction house wrote.


Super Mario is a platform game series created by Nintendo, featuring their mascot, Mario. Alternatively it was called the Super Mario Bros. Players control Mario, or his brother Luigi in the multiplayer mode, as they travel the Mushroom Kingdom to rescue Princess Toadstool from Bowser (King Koopa). They must traverse side-scrolling stages while avoiding hazards such as enemies and pits with the aid of power-ups such as the Super Mushroom, Fire Flower and Starman. The first Super Nintendo World theme park attraction has recently opened in Japan.