Two Windows 10 updates have a negative impact on users computers


Microsoft dit it again. KB4598299 and KB4598301 are the latest problematic Windows 10 updates. People who have installed them are reporting BSoDs as well as app crashes. On Microsoft’s feedback forums users are reporting numerous app crashes which are fixed when uninstalling the updates. Some are even reporting OS crash boot loops.The two updates were supposed to address issues in .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.8, but they have introduced new problems of their own. Among the affected applications is Visual Studio. Other problems can be found in Windows Presentation Foundation which is hitting various apps. Microsoft has confirmed issues with KB4598301 and said they are “working to get a fix released”.


After all, the update will delete your old browser and install Microsoft Edge without asking. But it’s a better version. Other things happen now in Windows 10. Microsoft is testing out a new weather experience in the Windows Search which features a much larger weather tile than before. For now, for users who have problems the only real solution is to uninstall KB4598299 or KB4598301 via the Settings app in Windows 10.