Crowdfunding campaign for transcription gadget suspended after raising $1.1 million


Transcription gadget Titan Note promised in its campaign capabilities far beyond what any gadget currently available offers. The campaign page detailed how the puck-sized device would be able to transcribe just about anything, as well as how it would be functioning as a “crystal clear” speaker, and serve as an emergency battery. Many said that this seemed too good to be true.

When the campaign originally launched some news publications had their doubts about the product launched by a company with no commercial history and thought that the creators behind Titan Note were possibly exaggerating on at least some of the capabilities of the product. Since then, the company published a video showing a prototype version of the Titan Note which showed great promise for a product which was clearly still unpolished at the time. The company also fought the bad image some of these news stories created, as DMCA take-down notices were sent to anyone that used Titan Note’s product imagery.


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