Dozens parked BMW cars have burned in various locations without motivation


This is an uncommon situation and the investigation not concluded about a pattern related to a specific product defect. That makes more difficult to understand what happens so a recall can’t be motivated for the moment. The fire which occurs in mysterious conditions became an embarrassing problem for the BMW company. More than 40 fires occurring in parked cars across the U.S. and some customers are not happy about the answer they received. “(…) It’s disheartening, I guess, when you’re so loyal to a particular product or brand or whatever and then you’re treated like this. Not even an apology,” one of them recently said to media. BMW says it has nothing to apologize for because mullions of its cars have no problems. They even say fires can result from a wide variety of external reasons unrelated to product defect but in some cases a discount on a replacement vehicle was offered. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which is the federal agency charged with enforcing vehicle performance standards, has not found evidence of a safety defect.


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