Sony stops sales for Xperia S tablet


Right now there is no information regarding a possible recall of already sold Xperia tablets.


The company emailed and detailed their strategy in an email statement: “We have asked retailers to stop selling Xperia Tablet S immediately, until we have had the opportunity to inspect and replace stock with product that meets our stringent quality standards”.

This is not the first incident of this type for Sony. Last year Sony recalled more than 1.5 million LCD Bravia TV sets that overheated and eventually melted plastic and caused smoke. In its defense Sony says the existing tablet defect is limited to only some of the sold tablets. When asked about how many tablets had this defect, the company declined to respond. Sony did not make public sales figures for this tablet.

Sony declared it will repair the device for anyone who bought it, or that it will issue a full refund if needed.



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