Radiate Athletics Company offers repairs and has to pay settlement after not delivering the product promised


Radiate founder Kenneth E. Crockett Jr. set up the campaign to raise $30,000 to finance the $35 shirts but kept the Kickstarter campaign going until Radiate raised $579,000 from 8,556 consumers. The company the fell far behind its delivery promises. Complaints started because the shirts were “defective” or never arrived to customers. Now, things changed: the company has agreed to settle a consumer complaint filed by the state Bureau of Consumer Protection, promising “to deliver the shirts this month to approximately 1,600 consumers who paid for shirts and have not yet received them,” and to pay restitution for “shirts which are defective, totaling $2,437.” As part of the settlement, they also agreed to pay $10,000 in “civil penalties and costs.”


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