Android 11 stable version is rolling out. Some features to observe


Android 11 is the latest update to the world’s most popular smartphone operating system. It is also now available in stable for Google Pixel phones and in beta for some OnePlus, Xiaomi, Realme, and OPPO phones. It is beginning to roll out. Experts say that Android 11 is a mature OS. Android’s system is smart enough to recognize different chat threads and then prioritize within that section. The second major improvement is called “Bubbles.” It lets user take a conversation and have it float above whatever else is on the screen in a little window. When minimized, it becomes a little bubble that hangs out on the side of user’s screen. Android 11’s Bubble system works across apps: so can have an active conversation in both Messenger and Messages, and they’re both accessible in the same place by tapping on the bubble. Android 11 is pulling out media controls and putting them into the Quick Setting area that sits above them.


With Android 11, Google is following Apple’s lead by changing how apps can access data from certain sensors. For location, microphone, and camera access, Android 11 will give to user the choice to only grant permission while the app is in use or give the app a one-time permission. Android finally can do screen recording without recourse to a third-party app. Voice controls are improved. Android will now also give better information on a phone’s 5G status and make it easier for enterprise users to have a personal space on their work phones.