By 2016 people will buy more tablet PCs than notebook PCs


Some of these key features that PC manufacturers are also after are: sleeker design, extended battery life and a quick power on activation. Not only do tablets offer easier access to information but in the past years the prices for such mobile devices dropped.

Ultra slim personal computers (notebooks with a screen size not thicker than 21mm) are a somewhere in between a tablet and a notebook PC. These devices offer the features of a tablet while being as easy to use as a PC. Although ultra slim personal computers still have premium prices and people don’t seem to rush to buy them, research analyst Shim thinks the adoption of such PCs will eventually ramp up by 2013.

But according to Shim one of the biggest turnarounds is that Tablets PCs will eventually outsell Notebook PCs. This trend is somehow visible now as notebook demand is slowly dropping while more and more people are buying tablets. By 2016 people will buy more tablets than notebooks.


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