Boeing’s latest 787-10 model made its first flight on Friday


In December 2005, pushed by the interest of Emirates and Qantas, Boeing was studying the possibility of stretching the 787-9 further to seat 290 to 310 passengers and named 787-10. On June 18, 2013, Boeing officially launched the 787-10 at the Paris Air Show and obtained orders for more than 100 aircrafts. Singapore Airlines became the launch customer by stating it would order 30 of the 787-10, provided Boeing launches the program, to be delivered in 2018–2019. Until now, Boeing won 149 orders from nine customers across the globe. The company’s engineers have spent the past five years testing. Major assembly began in March 2016.

The 787-10 is much more efficient than other planes of a similar size. It also should help cut emissions across the whole industry. “This airplane, the most efficient in its class, is the result of years of hard work and dedication from our Boeing teammates, suppliers and community partners in South Carolina and across the globe,” says Kevin McAllister, Boeing Commercial Airplanes president and CEO. The new Dreamliner can reach a distance of 12,964km, covering more than 90% of the world’s twin-aisle routes. The aircraft will have a cross section of 574cm, wing span of 60m, length of 68m and height of 17m. Its maximum take-off weight will be 252,651kg and total cargo volume will be 175m³.


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