Intel Optane drives large storage capacity – a solution for the future


All these modules will fit as add-in cards in the PCI-Express/NVMe and U.2 slots. They could work in some workstations and servers based on AMD’s 32-core Naples processors. Intel has claimed Optane is up to 10 times faster than conventional SSDs. This will will speed up data movement among servers in data centers, reducing latency. However Intel said that if you run sequential tasks, it would be better to use conventional SSDs. Optane’s random writes reach up to 10 times faster compared to conventional SSDs, but only when utilization is being pushed to extremes. The responsiveness of the drive increase with the data load. Intel will also offer software called Memory Drive for Optane drives to expand memory capacity in servers by mimicking DRAM in Xeon chips based on the Skylake architecture. Optane could be the storage technology of the future but this not happen overnight not at least because  it’s more expensive and still being developed. The P4800X has a five-year warranty, but it remains to be seen how long the drive will last.


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